Previous work

The following are a series of short films created by Nacheal Catnott over the last year as apart of  her MA degree.

Voices of Strangers


October 2015,  Duration: 2:02 

This piece is made up of a series of conversations I had with locals in New Cross. This is experimenting with reflective processes of filmmaking showing the presences of the director in several ways. Here I have tried to capture initial conversations with the subjects, posing topic points to them and creating this dialogue between us. I think reflectivity is an important process, as the technological use of multimedia practices means that there is often a crisis of representation. One of the reasons for this and one of the problems is the presence of the filmmaker being hidden.


Regeneration Town


 October 2015, Duration 1:55 

An observational piece that looks at the gentrification of Elephant and Castle, South London. Having grown up and attended school in Elephant and Castle, I have witnessed the area change so much over the last few years. This 2-minute piece is titled, Regeneration Town because the government and local authorities like to mask their reclaiming of suburban areas, such as Elephant and Castle as regeneration, as positive as it aims to develop the community. Too often, in actual fact, it results in the area being done up and marketed at richer individuals. Although local people are promised first access to these new homes, the amount of social housing is reduced and sold to private investors, meaning the working class and poorer individuals who lived here before, can no longer afford to do so. We see Costa Coffee and hipster pop bars replacing the local market stools and hairdressing? Shops, ready for the new cool demographic to move in. This is an act of social cleansing that those communities who are being targeted, are often oblivious to until it is too late. This piece documents the current building works and shows the contrast between the old and the new. At the end of the film we hear a young girl crying. I think this is fitting as a child cry is an innate feeling of fear and discomfort and I think gentrification needs to be responded to in the same way.


IPE- Intermediate Practical Evaluation Project


Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 11.39.44

Uncle Roy


 December 2016, Duration 4:48

The film explores my relationship with an elderly west indian man who owns a garage at the end of my street. I have tried to use various techniques to acknowledge my presence as the filmmaker. This was my first real experience working to a brief so initially this was a quite difficult process.

Please see full proposal and reflective response in the document below.

Uncle Roy IPE Proposal Nacheal Catnott


The Depiction of Blackness


January 2017, Duration 2:40

This was an experimental piece that inspired and shaped The Battle of Lewisham Film. It show my initial thought process and ideas that I am keen on exploring in response to being Black and British. Instead of trying to tackle this on such a broad scale I decided to hone it in and relate these thoughts to one specific moment in Black British History, namely The Battle of Lewisham.

Please see full outline in the word document below

The Depiction of Blackness film proposal