Meet The Crew

Director and Editor- Nacheal Catnott

Producer- Eszter Telegdy

Director of Photography – Ismar Badzic

Sound Designer – Courtney Dixon

Camera Operator-Aristide Russo

Gaffer-  Shahzeb Khalid

Editors Assistant- Ali Ali

Production Manager – Lamees Altalebi



Nacheal Catnott- Director and Editor

Nacheal is a British artist and filmmaker of Caribbean descent, her practice addresses race migration and cross-cultural diversity in the UK. She received a First Class Honours Degree from The University of Reading in Art and Philosophy. During her third year at Reading, she began to question elements of her identity, in particular her culture. She is intent on combining traditional modes of filmmaking with artistic representation to tackle these questions. Nacheal has previous experience in art curating and events management; her work has been exhibited in renowned art galleries such as Modern Art Oxford, The South London Gallery and The Horse Hospital. In the hope of enhancing her creative skills and technical abilities, Nacheal is now studying a Masters Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths University of London, where she directed and edited The Battle of Lewisham Film.

“I see The Battle of Lewisham as a very important event that needs to be acknowledged; its occurrence has been somewhat brushed over by the history books. We are now at a point where debates surrounding race and equality are being revisited. It is crucial that we reflect on the struggles that black people in South London previously had to face, in the fight to be treated as equals. The film hopes to raise awareness about this historical moment, whilst celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Battle of Lewisham.”



Eszter Telegdy- Producer

Born In Budapest, Hungary, Eszter is an aspiring development producer. She has a degree in Economics from Corvinus University, Budapest and has experience in international events management, curating and finance. Her most recent work experience was with VIACOM, one of the largest media companies working in their business development department. Also dealing with clients and international television platforms such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV. Here she fell in love with film. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in film production at Goldsmiths University of London.

“We worked together to gain access to compelling characters, whilst collecting a range of archive footage to support the storyline; we built a great relationship with the council and members of the community.”



Ismar Badzic- Director of Photography

Born in Bosnia, Ismar came to England as a refugee to escape the Bosnian War. His Practice as a filmmaker and Photographer explores his cross-cultural heritage as well as Bosnian politics. His passions for film lead him to study a Masters Degree in Documentary Filmmaking at Goldsmiths University of London. His past experiences have seen him work on projects such as This is England ‘90’ for Channel 4 and The Last Panthers for Sky Atlantic, as well as commercial and charitable endeavours for Rolex and CenterPoint. His level of experience and his wonderful cinematic abilities led to the decision to make him Directory of Photography for The Battle of Lewisham Film.

“We really focused hard on creating a beautiful cinematic design of the film. We shot the film mainly on Sony PMW 200 and AS7 and a very crucial decision was to use a combination of location and studio shot footage!”


Courtney Dixon- Sound Design

Currently studying his Masters in Sound Recording and Design at Goldsmiths University of London, Courtney is a skilled musician with a degree in Music Production from The University of East London. He is Pro Tools qualified and has previous experience as an Audio Engineer working with The Backstreet Boys, Eric Bibb and Shaw Mendes.

‘’We worked hard to create a sound scape that was playful but also powerful and that was reflective of the subject matter.”


Aristide Russo- Camera Operator

After studying photography and cinema at the Fine Art Academy of Naples, Aris began working as a freelance photographer and cinematographer for 4 years. He has recently moved to London to study a Masters degree in Cinematography at the University of Goldsmiths. He is steadicam trained and has experience working with Black Magic and Epic cameras.


Shahzeb Khalid- Gaffer

Shahzeb is a Pakistani born Cinematographer currently studying his Masters in Cinematography at Goldsmiths University of London. Shahzeb has a degree in Media Communications from UAL and previously ran his own private production house-creating web content for renowned multi national brands.


Ali Ali- Editors Assistant

Ali studied Film Studies and Journalism at Kingston University; he went on receive a scholarship to study a Masters in Journalism the following year. Spending six years working as an editor and reporter, with three of those years in Beijing, he recognised his passion for filmmaking and started working for an independent film production company. Realising the power that the editor has in telling the story, he is now completing his MA in Filmmaking (Editing Pathway) at Goldsmiths University, with the hope of becoming a documentary/current affairs editor. Already proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, he is now honing his skills on Avid Media Composer.



Lamees Altalebi- Production Manager

Lamees, is a London-based journalist and filmmaker. She works as a Researcher at BBC Arabic and has written articles for The Independent, Indy100 and The Evening Standard. Lamees’s work as a filmmaker is focused on identity, race and gender issues. Her latest film is Hijabis On The Bus, a documentary film exploring what it is like being a hijabi woman in London amid the current political climate.

“I used my past experiences as a journalist and filmmaker to assist with the making of The Battle of Lewisham film; this included providing editorial advice when liaising with participants”.


This is just the main film crew. Overall we had a lot of  help and support from a number of great people!