The Battle of Lewisham Film was heavily influenced by the following sources.


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Black Audio Film Collective- Handsworth Songs,( 1987), Documentary Film

John Akomfrah’s artworks and film pieces

Yann Arthus-Bertand- Human,(2015),  Documentary film

Ava DuVernary- 13th,(2016), Netflix Documentary

Arthur Jaffa’s art and cinematography pratice

Steve James- Hoop Dreams (1994), Documentary film

Paul Gilroy – No Black in the Union Jack and Black Britian ,Books

David Olusoga- Black British History, (2016), Book

Stuart Hall’s Sociology

Rashid Johnson’s Organic Sculptures

David Hammons- Higher Goal, (1990) ,Sculpture

Adrian Piper’S Performance Art

Eva Hesse’s Sculptural Practice

Ruth Novaczek- Rootless Cosmopolitans, 1990, Experimental film

Franklyn Rodgers- The Elders,(2007), Photography

Franco Rosso- Babylon, (1980), Drama film

Billy Dosanjh- Their England (2015) Sikhs of Smethwick (2016), Documentary

Ingrid Pollards Photography

Saxson Radio Sound – Music

Papa Levi- Music

Syd Shelton- Rock Against Racism,(2015), book

Raoul Peck- I Am Not Your Negro, (2016), Documentary film

Barry Jenkins- Moonlight (2016,) Drama Film

Rachel Garfield –  You are Joking (2005) & Deep England (2007), Avant-Grade Documentary

Dr William ‘Lez’ Henry- The Essence of Blackness (2008), book

Simon Critchley philosophies on Ethnic Insiderism

My Doc Watch List- Nacheal Catnott

A  list of my top documentaries that I have watched over this year.


Rachel Garfield Edit Analysis

Rachel Garfield, So You Think You Can Tell, 2000, film

Rachel Garfield is a British based artist and writer, of Jewish decent, her practice addresses notions such as the formation of subjectivity, hierarchies of victimhood, race and gender along with the definitions of identity and the construction of Englishness in the 20th century. Garfield’s style is fixated on the on going concerns of Avant-Garde documentary.

Attached is a review of the editing process that goes into Garfield’s Avant-garde documentaries.

Nacheal Catnott Edit Analysis

Rachel Garfield edit analysis presentation notes